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New Employee Guide

Welcome to West Virginia's NASA IV&V Program!

Our goal here at the Program is to help our new employees feel welcomed, informed, and part of a great team. We understand that the cultivation of our employees is vital in ensuring the success of our organization. To help you get better acclimated with the IV&V Facility and Program, please perform the following steps in order:


  1. Employee Orientation Checklist: Open, review, and print this checklist, which is comprised of items that you will need to complete before and/or during in-processing. Initial each item as it is completed. When all steps are completed, print and sign your name. Return this checklist to any Security Desk.

    Please be sure that you have read all referenced materials and returned any needed paperwork to the appropriate persons before signing and returning this checklist. In order to gain electronic access to IT resources, you will need to complete the following steps:
    a. Welcome! Presentation
    b. 1801 Form (PDF or MS Word) (or 1803 Form for out-processing) – Complete and email an encrypted version to David.P.Sheldon@ivv.nasa.gov and Donna.S.Ozburn@ivv.nasa.gov. Form 1801 is for new users and Form 1803 is for out-processing. Turn in both forms at the same time if you are currently in-processed with another contract.
    c. e-QIP - Information on completing e-QIP application will be sent to you in an email. Reference the document included with the email in order to be prepared to answer all questions. Complete and return signed pages.
    d. PIV Enrollment - Coordinate with your Program Manager to schedule a time to meet with the Identity Manager. Bring I-9 Form and acceptable documents with you.
    e. IT Security Training - Performed through SATERN. See the IT Security page.
    f. Review NASA IV&V Program Computing Guide. In this guide, you can find detailed information about setting up and using your computer workstation. (Note: Many of the links within this guide are links to private sites.)
    g. IT Orientation - If you are on-site, please coordinate with your Program Manager to schedule a time with the IT Services Department for your IT Orientation. You will not have access to your workstation until your Orientation has been performed.

*Please refer to the checklist for a complete listing of items you need to complete.

You will have access to additional resources after you are in-processed and have access to the NASA IV&V network. For your reference, there is further information on the following items:

  • Policies & Procedures - Policies and procedures that will affect some aspects of how you will be working.
  • Acronyms - The IV&V Management System (IMS) has an Acronyms and Definitions list that is kept current.
  • Services Website - Describes available services.
  • Portal Website - Links to available websites.
  • IT Services Department Website - For all IT, network resource, and workstation configuration questions.
  • NASA IV&V Program Safety - Safety is our most important core value here at the NASA IV&V Facility. This includes safety of the public, as well as safety of our civil service and contractor workforce. During the in-processing procedure, you will be asked to review the "Safety Presentation," which will give you more information regarding Safety at the Facility.

Orientation: Upon your arrival at the Facility, you will receive a formal orientation, which will include an overview of the program, its policies and procedures, IT and Operations and Maintenance information, and other useful topics. Note any questions that you may have and bring them up during your orientation session.

Please remember to print the "Employee Orientation Checklist," complete the items, sign, and return it to any Security Desk.

Note: Some of the links included on these sites may not be accessible, as they are links to sites that are available only while on the NASA IV&V network. You will have full access upon your in-processing to and arrival at the IV&V Facility. Upon your arrival, please take the time to visit the following URL:

O&M Services - New Employee Orientation

Welcome to the NASA IV&V Family!!

Page Last Updated: February 5th, 2015
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