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Student Opportunities

NASA’s IV&V Program strives to improve students’ retention in STEM disciplines by providing opportunities and activities for students of any age. Through a robust portfolio of high quality STEM engagement activities, events, presenters and resources, students can experience NASA missions, successes and challenges at no cost. For more information please contact students@ivv.nasa.gov.

Student Programs (On-Site at NASA IV&V Facility)
The ERC hosts in-house workshops for groups of public, private or home-school students. These free workshops are available for groups of up to 28 students and last for 3-5 hours. Topics include: Aviation, Robotics, Rocketry, Living and Working in Space, Planetary Geology, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Students will be led through engaging, hands-on activities by our education specialists and enjoy interacting with a NASA scientist or engineer, in-person or via video conference. To schedule a student workshop, please contact erc@ivv.nasa.gov.

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STEM Competitions
NAS IV&V coordinates the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) , Jr. FLL, VEX IQ, and the VEX tournaments for West Virginia hosted at FSU each year, trains educators and students on the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC), and is the WV coordinator for the Real World Design Challenge (RWDC). With support from numerous partners the ERC has provided team-based summer camps for coaches and their students, sponsored new robotic teams, hosts sanctioned TARC rocket launches, and coordinates all aspects of the RWDC annual competition.

To become involved in any of the above STEM competitions, please contact erc@ivv.nasa.gov.

NASA’s Robotic Alliance Project consists of members from across government and education dedicated to the promotion of robotics through competitions. The Robotic Alliance mission is to create a human, technical, and programmatic resource of robotics capabilities to enable the implementation of future robotic space exploration missions.

The WV Robotics Alliance is located at NASA’s IV&V Program in Fairmont, WV and supports robotic competitions, off-season events, and trainings across the state. At this time, any interested students, educators, coaches, mentors, or sponsors are encouraged to engage in the currently supported robotics initiatives in West Virginia including FIRST® LEGO® League, FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Robotics, and VEX. Please direct questions or inquiries to erc@ivv.nasa.gov or call (304) 367-8438.

West Virginia Space Public Outreach Team (WVSPOT)
Supported through a joint partnership between the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and NASA, the West Virginia Space Public Outreach Team (SPOT) recruits and trains college presenters to bring presentations about current West Virginia space science, technology, and engineering to West Virginia K-12 classrooms, museums, and youth programs.

The interactive SPOT presentations utilize slides, videos, animations and an inquisitive approach to relay the excitement of new discoveries in space science. NRAO and NASA research and careers here in West Virginia are highlighted in each show. Presentations can be conducted in a classroom or assembly setting and last approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the age of the audience. If you would like to participate in SPOT, visit http://www.wvspot.org or contact us via email at wvspot@ivv.nasa.gov or phone at (304) 367-8355.

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