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The NASA IV&V Program takes community involvement very seriously. As much as we take pride in our day-to-day efforts and as completely as our research strengthens our ability to assist with programs that enrich our nation as a whole, we draw our greatest inspiration from our involvement in our surrounding community. People are our greatest resource, both for NASA and for the United States.

In accordance with Agency-wide objectives, the NASA IV&V Program encourages and enables civil service and contractor employees to participate in community activities that increase the awareness of the NASA IV&V Program within the community it serves. It strives to be a significant resource for pre-service and in-service teachers related to science and math. We do this in a number of ways.

The NASA IV&V Program has aligned its Educational Outreach Program to support Agency-wide objectives. The educational mission of the NASA IV&V Program is to inspire young and old alike, to broaden their perspectives on the future, and to bring to them the experience and richness of space science and math.

The educational outreach initiatives of NASA are an integral part of the NASA IV&V Program's mission. The NASA IV&V Program provides access to NASA learning materials via its Educator Resource Center (ERC). The ERC is a resource library, that allows educators to enhance their existing curriculum with information generated by NASA programs, technologies, and discoveries.

One of the main focus areas of NASA IV&V educational outreach is to provide opportunities for students to participate in internship programs. These internships increase student understanding of scientific processes through direct experience under the guidance of computer scientists and engineers who serve as mentors. For more information on internships, please visit the Internships page.

To enhance knowledge and to contribute to the NASA mission, the NASA IV&V Program is fully committed to investing resources in its Educational Outreach Program with educational programs that seek to actively engage students, teachers, and parents.

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