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This page will contain ERC Newsletters and Featured Articles that have been archived from the ERC pages.

Newsletter Featured Articles
Sept-Oct 2012 STEM Competitions; Space Themed School year
August 2012 Year of the Solar System; Curiosity; Arctic Ice; Vesta; student programs
Summer 2012 Summer camps; Transit of Venus
February 2012 RWDC; Space Weather; Living in Space
January 2012 ERC tour; Solar Activity; Students EMS workshop
December 2011 MoonKam; Mentoring
November 2011 GLOBE; Aviation, student Workshops; WVSTA
November 2010 Star Party; 3-D Printer Now Operational
October 2010 Dynamic Planet at the ERC; Bruceton Students Evaluate Local Stream
September 2010 New Equipment at the ERC; ERC "Building Capacity" First LEGO League Workshop
July-August 2010 NASA AWARE 2010: The Solar System; RESA 7: Project ISSAC
April-June 2010 Featured Event: GLOBE Training; Advanced Rocketry with Marshal Space Flight Center
March 2010 Featured Implementers: Morgantown Learning Academy; Real World Design Challenge Team in Washington, D.C.
February 2010 Moon Rocks and Meteorites; Governor Manchin Presents Real World Design Challenge Trophy to West Virginia Students
January 2010 Featured Event: Careers in the Corridor; WV LEGO Robotic Competition
December 2009 West Virginia to Participate in Design Challenge; Featured Loan Kit: GLOBE Probe Ware Kit
October-November 2009 Elementary Education Specialist; Featured Kit: Hydroponics
May 2009 S'COOL Kids still have Their Heads in the Clouds for NASA Science; Confused about Pluto? A teacher guide to help
April 2009 Featured Loan Kit: Mars THEMIS and Marsbound Game; Featured Workshop: DOH Bridge Design
March 2009 Featured Implementer: Linda Newcome; Featured Loan Kit: Environment Probe Ware, GPS, and GIS
February 2009 Featured Implementer: Janet Bowland; After School Universe
January 2009 NASA Updates: Hubble and Mars Mission
December 2008 Featured Loan Kit: Star Lab Portable Planetarium; NASA Invites Students to Name New Mars Rover
November 2008 Featured Loan Kit: Kindernauts; Featured WV Scientist: NASA IV&V Facility Project Lead
October 2008 Featured Implementer: Stacy Jennings; Featured WV Scientist: West Virginia State Climatologist
September 2008 Featured Loan Kit: Engineering Design Challenge; Featured Workshop: AmeriCorps Members Take a Galactic Vacation
August 2008 Featured Loan Kit: Robotics; Featured WV Systems Engineer: Dan Solomon, NASA IV&V Facility Project Manager


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