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The SVS is Goddard's one-stop-shop for amazing conceptual animations, data-based visualizations, narrated video, b-roll and more. All the visualizations (currently more than 3,100) are freely accessible. Some animations are available in high definition as well as NTSC format. Where possible, the original digital images used to make these animations have been made accessible.

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Goddard Interactives

Life Cycle of a Goddard Mission

Goddard Virtual Tour

Take this interactive tour for a look behind the scenes at the amazing work going on at Goddard.

3-D model of Webb telescope

3-D Tour of Webb

Imagine flying around in space to examine a future space observatory that’s under construction today.

Text: The Story of the Universe, by Dr. John Mather

The Story of the Universe, by Dr. John Mather

NASA's Nobel laureate tells his story of the universe, from the big bang to the James Webb Space Telescope.

stylized image of Earth with 'Frozen' superimposed

Frozen: Cold Matters

NASA's 3-D "Science on a Sphere" film showcases some of the coldest places on Earth.

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