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Speakers Bureau
April 16, 2010

The Speakers Bureau Program has been established to share how NASA's exploration affects you, your children and future generations. NASA employees offer their time and talents to share the NASA vision and mission with the public. Exciting topics and dynamic speakers will inspire and educate your group.

[image-62] Each year, Glenn's Speakers Bureau provides over 200 presentations to more than 60,000 people. Our audiences include pre-school to college classes, libraries and museums, scouts, and professional, technical, civic and social organizations. Members also participate in conferences, workshops, lectures and local community events.

Speakers Bureau is a free service of NASA as a part of Glenn's commitment to reaching out to the community.

Topics presented by speakers from Glenn include:


  • Space Exploration
  • Living in Space
  • The U.S. Space Shuttle
  • The International Space Station
  • Our Solar System
  • Missions to Mars
  • Rocket Propulsion
  • Aeronautics Research
  • The Glenn Research Center
  • NASA Spinoffs - Benefits of Space Exploration
  • Communication via Satellites
  • Careers

Most topics provide a blend of historical perspectives, present activities and future visions. We will work with you to help identify the topic and speaker that will best meet the needs of your audience. Flexibility in your topic and program date helps immensely in securing a NASA speaker.

The Speakers Bureau is an agency-wide program with NASA Glenn responding primarily to requests from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin (see state assignments below). Our speakers may travel anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. Your organization will be asked to cover travel costs incurred by our speaker if your event is located outside a 50-mile radius of Cleveland, Ohio.

Please review our general Terms and Conditions before requesting a speaker.

Requests should be submitted to the Speakers Bureau eight weeks in advance of your event. This time is required to secure a NASA speaker. This advance notice is necessary to give our speakers adequate preparation time and provide a response to your request.

The request process is handled online through the Speaker Request Form. The form will ask you for basic information about the event (date, time, location audience, topic, etc.) that will be needed to process your request.

While the form asks for a specific date and topic, flexibility helps immensely in securing a NASA speaker and should be noted in the comments section. Our coordinator will work with you on potential options.

When you press "submit," the completed form will automatically be sent to the Speakers Bureau Coordinator for the state or region where the event will take place. The Speakers Bureau Coordinator will then follow up with you about your request once it has been reviewed.

Questions and other correspondence should be directed to the Speakers Bureau Coordinator:

NASA Glenn Research Center
Speakers Bureau
21000 Brookpark Road, MS 8-1
Cleveland, OH 44135-3191
Voice: (216) 433-2003
Fax: (216) 433-3601

More Information:
+ Center State Assignments
+ Traveling Exhibits

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Speakers Bureau member and rocket scientist Bryan Palaszewski gives a presentation
Speakers Bureau member and rocket scientist Bryan Palaszewski gives a presentation on advanced propulsion concepts.
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