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Journey to Tomorrow
June 19, 2014

Journey to Tomorrow is one of NASA's premier traveling exhibits. The 53-foot trailer has been transformed into an interactive informal learning environment that brings the excitement of exploration in air and space to your event.

An inspiring video sets the tone for the journey. Eight interactive kiosks give visitors a chance to explore at their own pace. Examples include Improving Today's Flight, NASA Home and City which highlights spinoff products created from NASA's research programs, Sci-Fi vs. Science Fact, Brain Bites that explain common questions people have about air and space travel, a lunar landing simulator, and Dynamic Planet, a hands-on interactive that allows you to explore the Earth, Sun, and Solar System . Additional workstations include glovebox activities, a planetary gravity demonstrator, and a solar system scale where visitors can find out how much they would weigh on the moon and each of the planets.

A display case features models that keep the learning in three dimensions. Models may include various NASA X-Planes, the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, or NASA's new rocket, the Space Launch System. The ultimate artifact is a real moon rock returned from one of the Apollo lunar landing missions. [image-62]
The exhibit will be staffed by NASA employees. At some events, the staff may include scientists and engineers who work on the latest designs of aircraft, rockets and spacecraft.

Like all NASA exhibits, Journey To Tomorrow is available to you with NO FEES! The only requirement is to pay the expenses for transportation of the trailer and travel of the operational staff. The ability to offset NASA staff travel expenses with in-kind hotel room and rental cars may enable additional NASA employees to support your event.

Journey to Tomorrow is designed for large public events, such as air shows and festivals. Because of the time required to set up and transport the exhibit, it generally will not appear at a one-day event. Typically the exhibit does not appear west of the Mississippi River due to the transportation costs.

Interested? Send an e-mail to: carlos.r.gomez@nasa.gov

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Glenn Journey To Tomorrow Trailer
Glenn Journey To Tomorrow Trailer
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