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Ariane shroud test in Space Power Facility at Plum Brook Station.Plum Brook Station is a remote test installation site for the NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio which is located in Sandusky, Ohio. Plum Brook performs complex and innovative ground tests for the United States Government (civilian and military), the international aerospace community, as well as the private sector.

Image left: Ariane shroud test in Space Power Facility at Plum Brook Station. Credit: NASA

Every test program handled at Plum Brook is unique. Therefore, we believe direct contact between ourselves and the test customer is critical in establishing a successful working relationship.

The potential test customer provides the basic test requirements to the NASA Plum Brook Test Program Manager. Working with the test customer, the Test Program Manager establishes the objective and requirements of the test program; identifies the most suitable test site for the program; and develops a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimate of the cost of the program. If it is mutually agreed upon to proceed with the test program, this process will be continued with the development of a formal Work Plan.

The Plum Brook Environment

Located about 50 miles west of NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field (GRC), near Sandusky, Ohio, on 6,400 acres of land, the extensive controlled land at Plum Brook provides required large clear zone areas to safely conduct aerospace testing with large quantities of liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and other cryogens as well as high energy test facilities.

Plum Brook is accessible by water through the St. Lawrence Seaway, and by air via the 9,000-foot runway at Lahm Airport in Mansfield, Ohio. Plum Brook is also located adjacent to Interstates 80/90.

Market Economy Operations

Plum Brook employs a minimal NASA civil service staff which provides leadership and oversees strategy, safety, quality, finance and environmental compliance. By maximizing the use of performance-based contractors, Plum Brook can supply an efficient, highly flexible work force. These contractors are involved in test operations, procurement, institutional support, facility upgrades, security, and utilities.

The facilities at Plum Brook Station are available for use by research customers interested in planning and scheduling test programs and test-related activities. Our team is ready to work with you.

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