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Welcome to the NASA Glenn Research Center's Public Affairs Information Series server where you will find official NASA Facts publications. Documents are available in two formats. An on-line viewable document in HTML is available by following the hyperlink on the document title. High-quality, reformatted versions are also available for viewing or printing in the PDF format. To view and print the PDF documents, you will need a copy of Acrobat viewer.

Document Number Fact Sheet Title [HTML Link] PDF
FS-2000-04-001-GRC Small Aircraft Propulsion: The Future Is Here 402 KB
FS-1999-07-002-GRC General Aviation's New Thrust: Single Lever Technology Promises Efficiency, Simplicity 464 KB
FS-1999-07-003-GRC Making Future Commercial Aircraft Quieter 299 KB
FS-1999-06-004-GRC A Big Boost for Cassini: NASA Glenn Efforts Launch Cassini Toward Saturn 138 KB
FS-2002-06-005-GRC Flying On The Ground: The Wind Tunnels of Glenn Research Center 912 KB
FS-2011-07-006-GRC Powering the Future: NASA Glenn Contributions to the International Space Station (ISS) Electrical Power System 771 KB
FS-1999-07-007-GRC Unlocking Mysteries in Microgravity: NASA Glenn Provides the Keys With the Fluids and Combustion Facility 323 KB
FS-1999-03-008-GRC Innovative Engines: Glenn Ion Propulsion Research Tames the Challenges of 21st Century Space Travel 5889 KB
FS–2004–08–009–GRC The Glenn Research Center: Expanding Horizons and Opening Frontiers 7.2 MB
FS-2000-04-010-GRC Safeguarding Our Atmosphere 388 KB
FS-2001-04-011-GRC Acceleration Measurements aboard the International Space Station N/A
FS-2001-04-012-GRC Experiment of Physics of Colloids in Space (EXPPCS) N/A
FS-2001-05-013-GRC The Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS):
A Switchboard in the Sky
4.9 MB
FS-2001-07-014-GRC Creating a Turbomachinery Revolution: Research at Glenn Enables an Oil-Free Turbine Engine 0.5 MB
FS-2004-11-021-GRC Ion Propulsion 402 KB
FS-2004-11-022-GRC Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters 196 KB
FS-2004-11-023-GRC Pulsed Plasma Thrusters 218 KB

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