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Historical Glenn Biographies
January 4, 2013

Biographies of NASA leaders and innovators who worked at NASA Glenn either briefly or throughout their careers.

+ Kenny E. Aguilar, Director of Center Operations (retired January 2009)
+ Neil Armstrong, Astronaut who began his career at NASA Glenn as test pilot.
+ Donald J. Campbell, Center Director (1994-2003)
+ Richard S. Christiansen, Deputy Director (2003-2007)
+ Dr. Julian M. Earls, Center Director (2003-2005)
+ Robert E. Fails, Associate Director (2003-2006)
+ John H. Glenn, Center namesake
+ Daniel S. Goldin, NASA Administrator (1992-2001)
+ John M. Hairston, Director of External Programs (1991-2008)
+ Marty Kress, Center Deputy Director (1995-1999)
+ George William Lewis, Lewis Field namesake
+ Dr. Bernard Lubarsky, Deputy Center Director (1974-1979)
+ Ramon Lugo III, Center Director (2010-2013)
+ Dr. Bruce Lundin, Center Director (1969-1977)
+ Robert W. Moorehead, Director of Space Flight Systems (2007-2008)
+ Lawrence J. Ross, Center Director (1990-1994)
+ Dr. Abe Silverstein, Center Director (1961-1969)
+ Andrew J. Stofan, Center Director (1982-1986)
+ Vernon Wessel, Associate Center Director (1981-2011)
+ Dr. Woodrow Whitlow, Center Director (2005-2010)


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