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NASA ER-2 No. 809 Returns to Flight After Undergoing Major Maintenance
June 30, 2012


NASA's ER-2 Earth Resources aircraft No. 809 took to the air June 28 on a functional check flight after completion of a year of modified periodic depot-level maintenance.

The aircraft was literally broken down into pieces that were spread around its hangar at NASA's Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility in Palmdale, Calif. The work involved a thorough 600-flight-hour phase inspection that included replacing the old wiring that is known to deteriorate over time with new Teflon-coated wiring and completing several other time-compliance technical upgrades.

Following a second checkout flight scheduled for the week of July 2, the aircraft will be ready to resume missions for NASA's Airborne Science Program.

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NASA 809 is one of two high-altitude ER-2 aircraft flown by NASA on Earth science missions.
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NASA / Lori Losey
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