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NASA Dryden Biographies, Former Pilots: Craig R. Bomben
May 7, 2014

Craig R. Bomben
Craig R. Bomben

Craig R. Bomben was a research pilot in the Flight Crew Branch of NASA's Dryden (now Armstrong) Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA, from June 2001 until September 2006. His flying duties included a variety of research and support activities while piloting the F/A-18, F-15, F-15 ACTIVE, T-38, DC-8, T-34C, King Air, and Predator aircraft. He has more than 21 years and 4,800 hours of military and civilian flight experience in over 50 different aircraft types.

Bomben came to NASA Dryden from a U.S. Navy assignment to the Personnel Exchange Program, Canada. He served as a test pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces located in Cold Lake, Alberta. He participated in numerous developmental programs to include CT-133 airborne ejection seat testing, F/A-18 weapons flutter testing and F/A-18 night vision goggles integration.

Bomben performed U.S. Navy fleet service in 1995 as a strike-fighter department head. He completed two overseas deployments onboard the USS George Washington and USS Stennis. As a combat strike leader, he headed numerous multi-national missions over Iraq in support of Operation Southern Watch.

Bomben graduated from the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School in 1992 and was subsequently assigned to the Naval Weapons Test Squadron at Pt. Mugu, CA. During this tour he developed the F-14D bombsight and worked on various other F-14D and F/A-18 weapon systems developmental programs.

Bomben is a 1985 graduate of Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. He graduated from naval flight training in 1987 and was recognized as a Commodore List graduate. His first assignment was to Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., where he was an instructor in the T-2B Buckeye. When selected to fly the F/A-18 in 1989, he joined a fleet squadron and deployed aboard the USS Forrestal.

Bomben left NASA for a position with the Boeing Commercial Airplanes Company.

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