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Armstrong Pathways Intern Program
January 14, 2014

Program Description

2012 Pathway Intern Program students - Stephen LaPointe, Tameka Williams, Jenny Staggs and Jason Gaume.2012 Pathways Intern Program students: Stephen LaPointe, Tameka Williams, Jenny Staggs and Jason Gaume, from left to right. NASA Photo by Tom Tschida.

The NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center Pathways Intern Program is designed to provide work experience for undergraduate and graduate college students who are pursuing degrees in fields related to Armstrong research. The majority of the students are aeronautical/aerospace, electrical, and mechanical engineering majors, but the program also includes students working with technicians and administrative personnel.

Students are included in various research projects that are structured to apply the basic principles and theories of their major field of study and to provide an opportunity to determine the type of work for which they are best suited. Students enter a program of alternating school and work assignments that involves increasing degrees of difficulty.

Students work under the supervision of engineers on projects such as systems design, flight test experiments, computer studies, and simulation. Work is evaluated by the supervisors and mentors after each work assignment. By the last work period, students are working with a minimum of supervision on complex research problems that may result in joint authorship of a research paper. This program is NOT intended as a summer internship.

Program Objectives

Through the Pathways Intern Program, Armstrong acquaints students with its mission and projects in aeronautical research and to expand their academic training through work experience with NASA personnel in research management.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for this program must:

  • Be a full-time or part-time enrollees in an accredited educational institution in the U.S. (must have completed freshman year).
  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Has demonstrated very strong aptitude in the major field of study and a wide variety of extracurricular interests and leadership activities.
  • Must be available for an alternating work/school schedule.

Application Process

Students are strongly recommended to apply through the Armstrong Human Resources office or through a liaison at the institution they are attending. Resumes must indicate education background, GPA (2.9 minimum), graduation date, objective, citizenship, and indicate the semester available to start (i.e. Spring: Jan.- May; Fall: Sept. - Dec.). Resumes not containing all required information may lose consideration. Applications should include a copy of current transcripts (unofficial transcripts or web printouts are acceptable) or resumes should list relevant coursework. Spring Selections: Cut off date for incoming resumes is Oct. 1. Fall Selections: Cut off date for incoming resumes is March 1.

How does the Pathways Intern Program work? The students start in the fall or in the spring (they take a semester off school to work). The summers are reserved for returning students (from the fall or previous spring). Graduate students are encouraged to apply for the fall or spring semester; however, they may be selected for two summer terms. The student should be able to work at least three terms before graduation; however, the program requires students work a minimum of two terms. If the student has a while before graduation then they must return to work for more than two sessions.


Student Program Manager
(661) 276-7000

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