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NASA - Employee Skills - Photography
January 29, 2009

photo collage featuring aircraft, and dryden facilities photos. Dryden's photography department provides inflight/air-to-air photography, research documentation, and a wide variety of other imagery-related services. (NASA Photo) NASA Dryden's photography department supports some of the most unique and exciting aviation research projects in the world. With a highly trained and experienced staff they document all current and ongoing research for both industry and government, as well as maintain Dryden's historical photographic archive.

Dryden's skilled photo team provides a 'one-stop shop' by doing all their own shooting, processing, scanning, printing, image manipulation and archiving. From Space Shuttle landings and test setup documentation to inflight chase photography, the small, adaptable team supports an amazing array of unique photographic situations in an ever-changing environment. The department uses high resolution digital cameras, while still maintaining film equipment and skills. Immediate turnaround times and rush deliveries are also easily handled.

Along with shooting and archiving thousands of new photos every year, the Dryden photo department also maintains an archive of photos numbering in the hundreds of thousands, dating back to the earliest NACA flight tests in the 1940s. Their current photography at NASA Dryden is cataloged and stored for future reference by engineers, researchers and historians.

Photography department capabilities include:

  • On location' support
    • test documentation setup, procedures, historical reference
    • reports and presentations imagery
  • Inflight photo support
    • from T-38, F-18, tankers, etc
  • Photography of major milestones
    • Space Shuttle landings
    • first flights, takeoffs, landings, group photos
  • Feature photos, publication stills
    • media relations, news releases
    • annual reports
  • Studio photography
    • macro, close-up, technical
    • large studio space for portraits, passports, equipment
  • Lab work
    • scanning, printing up to large-format
    • mounting, laminating
    • image manipulation, including call-outs and mock-ups
    • archiving
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