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Employee Skills Sets
March 10, 2014

To achieve higher performance, Armstrong is creating a more open, consultative work environment that encourages new ideas and approaches and appreciates the value of challenging technical conclusions and organizational assumptions. Additionally, to attract, retain, and nurture a qualified and motivated work force, Armstrong strives to constantly improve employee satisfaction and participation.

At the Armstrong Flight Research Center, we value and require talented, motivated, and innovative employees. Accordingly, we are renewing our efforts to expand the definition of professional excellence to include leadership, management, and team skills and abilities, while continuing our primary role of advancing technology and science through flight.

A U.S. Navy E-2C Hawkeye aircraft undergoing loads calibration testing in the Flight Loads Laboratory Flight Research, Test, and Engineering
Six discipline branches - aerodynamics and propulsion; aerostructures; dynamics and controls; flight instrumentation; flight systems; and systems engineering and integration - provide research and project support engineering to Armstrong. › Read More

Flight Operations
The Flight Operations Directorate manages and provides technical direction for all Armstrong flight operations and flight support activities. › Read More

Project manager Tom Jones discusses the Phoenix Missile's components with coworker Bobby Garcia. Programs and Projects
The Programs Directorate manages all of Armstrong's flight programs and projects. It serves the Center and other NASA installations, Military and other Federal agencies, industry, and academia. › Read More

Mission Information & Test Systems
Providing world-class test systems capabilities and flight test and research support through our cutting-edge products and services. › Read More

NASA Dryden's Lori Losey was named NASA's 2004 Videographer of the Year in part for her camera work during NASA's AirSAR 2004 science mission in Chile. Support Structure
The talented employees who serve in mission support roles facilitate our partners' needs from the introduction to the Center through the final handshake. They help by arranging tours of our test facilities, finding the skill sets to meet your needs, working with your staff to develop a Statement of Work, and facilitating the access to NASA equipment, facilities, and capabilities. Additional support services include education, IT security, legal, aerial and ground photography and videography, public affairs, safety, and technical publications. › Read More


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