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Programs and Projects
March 6, 2012

A NASA King Air studies wake turbulence from a NASA Global Hawk.A NASA King Air studies wake turbulence from a NASA Global Hawk. NASA Photo/Jim Ross Mission Statement

The Programs Directorate manages all of Armstrong's flight programs and projects. It serves the Center and other NASA installations, Military and other Federal agencies, industry, and academia. The primary function of the Directorate is to achieve project management objectives (scope, resources, schedule) in a safe and efficient manner.


NASA Armstrong's Programs Directorate achieves project/program management objectives (technical, cost, schedule) and assures project/program safety by providing:

  • Highly qualified project/program managers
  • Participation in Center planning efforts
  • Advocacy, formulation, and implementation of new projects
  • Planning and control of flight research projects
  • Membership in the Airworthiness Flight Safety Review Board (AFSRB)
  • Membership in various institutional boards and committees
  • Organization Chart
  • Opportunities Afforded Partners
  • Develop and maintain customer agreements for aerospace flight research projects/programs.

Point of Contact

Eddie Zavala
SOFIA Program Manager

(661) 276-2250

John F. Carter
Director, Exploration and Space Technology Missions

(661) 276-2025

Joseph Piotrowski
Director, Aeronautics Mission Directorate

(661) 276-3089

Michael Thomson
Director, Science Mission Directorate

(661) 276-3097

John Del Frate
Director, Advanced Planning and Partnerships

(661) 276-3704

Programs Directorate Office 661.276.3178

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