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Flight Crew Branch
November 14, 2012

Dryden Flight Research Center pilots inside hangar. Dryden Flight Research Center pilots. NASA Photo For over six decades, pilots in Armstrong's Flight Crew Branch have flown everything from light aircraft to high-speed jets and rocket-powered airplanes. This highly experienced, capable team has flown military and civilian aircraft - both of which figure prominently in Armstrong's many one-of-a-kind flight projects. This depth of experience is crucial to the Center's mission, which features science, research, and mission support aircraft used in multiple roles. The Flight Crew Branch consists of research test pilots, flight engineers, flight test engineers, and navigators, all of whom brings significant education, leadership, and management experience and are dedicated to the safety and mission success of Armstrong's projects and programs.

Research Test Pilots

  • Research flight test
  • Heavy aircraft operations (transports and bombers)
  • Fighter operations (fighter, trainer, safety chase)
  • High altitude scientific operations (ER-2 and Global Hawk)
  • Remotely piloted test aircraft and experimental aircraft

Platform Aircraft Section

  • Aircrew support for SOFIA 747, DC-8, G-3, ER-2, and Ikhana (Predator B) science flights
  • Knowledgeable aircrew dedicated to safety and mission success
  • Aircrew flexibility and worldwide deployment experience
  • Strong culture of government/contractor working together

Unmanned Aerial System Research Pilots

  • Aircrew support for Global Hawk and Ikhana (Predator B) science flights
  • Government and contractors working together for earth science and atmospheric research

Nils Larson, Branch Chief

Troy Asher, Deputy Branch Chief

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