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Aircraft and Instrumentation Branch
January 27, 2014

collage with three aircraft in flightThe Aircraft and Instrumentation Branch maintains and modifies all of Dryden's Research and Science platform aircraft.The Armstrong Aircraft and Instrumentation Branch has avionics technicians that provide technical support of avionics and instrumentation systems for Armstrong's research and Airborne Science aircraft.

Support includes design, development, installation, integration, testing operation, maintenance, and modification of the following airborne systems and associated equipment:

  • Communications
  • Electrical
  • Pilot instruments
  • Flight controls
  • Flight research telemetry/instrumentation
  • Science instruments
  • Navigation
  • Video

Avionics technicians also serve as secondary aircrew members during missions, as flight safety technicians and systems operators on AFRC aircraft projects.

Points of Contact

Paul Aristo
Branch Chief
(661) 276-7934

Gustavo Carreno
Deputy Branch Chief
(661) 276-3692

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