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Armstrong Legislative Affairs
January 29, 2013

Congressman Howard P. Buck McKeon reviews flight deck displays in the Global Hawk Operations Center with project manager Chris Naftel, at left, and deputy project manager Phil Hall, at right.Congressman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon reviews flight deck displays in the Global Hawk Operations Center with project manager Chris Naftel, at left, and deputy project manager Phil Hall, at right. NASA Photo/Tom Tschida Armstrong's Legislative Affairs liaison provides guidance related to government relations and community relations, and works to increase public awareness and knowledge of NASA and the Armstrong Flight Research Center. This office increases public knowledge and awareness of NASA's vision, mission, values, and program/project activities through a broad base of proactive communications across the key areas of education, media (news and entertainment), community, and public relations.

Legislative Affairs provides public access to NASA's aeronautics and space programs through direct relationships built with government and industry representatives, academic institutions, community organizations, media services, and the public. This office enables NASA's story to be told through a wide variety of venues and customers. They also meet the commitment in Armstrong's Strategic Plan to inform the aerospace and science communities of our skills and abilities.

Serving our Community

Legislative Affairs

This office is the principal liaison between the Armstrong Center and government leaders at the local, state, and federal levels. This office seeks to increase legislators' and other government representatives' knowledge of NASA Armstrong and our contributions to the local communities and the nation.

Community Relations

Armstrong strives to be a positive presence in California and throughout the local region. We work with local leaders and civic organizations. We want to the keep the American public, our stakeholders, informed about the cutting edge work being conducted here. We communicate with community leaders and civic organizations, concentrating on a 50-mile radius of Armstrong, seeking opportunities to educate the community on our activities. For more information on Armstrong's efforts, please contact us at (661) 276-3448.

Check out the following links to U.S. Government sites:

U. S. Senate http://www.senate.gov/
U. S. Senator Barbara Boxer http://boxer.senate.gov/
U. S. Senator Dianne Feinstein http://www.feinstein.senate.gov/

U. S. House of Representatives http://www.house.gov/
Congressman Kevin McCarthy http://kevinmccarthy.house.gov/
Congressman Howard "Buck" McKeon http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/howard_mckeon/400267

State of California http://www.ca.gov/
California State Senator Steve Knight http://steveknight.org/

Links to local sites:

City of Lancaster http://www.cityoflancasterca.org/
City of Palmdale http://www.cityofpalmdale.org/
City of Tehachapi http://www.liveuptehachapi.com/index.aspx?nid=4
Chamber of Commerce – Lancaster http://www.avchambers.com/
Antelope Valley Board of Trade (AVBOT) http://www.avbot.org/
Point of Contact:

Cam Martin
(661) 276-3448


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