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Structural Fabrication and Repair Branch - Personnel

Branch Overview

The Structural Fabrication and Repair Branch is responsible for fabrication and support of prototype flight hardware. A sampling of products includes; water tunnel models, depot level repairs and modifications to research aircraft, high angle of attack and air data probes, boundary layer rakes, miniature probes, major airframe mods to research aircraft, skin friction balance fixtures, combined air data and hot wire probes, design and lay-up composite structures and patterns, repair of composite structures, components for flight test fixtures, prototype thrust vectoring systems, Airborne Science hardware, and thermostructures facility support. This work depends on the branch personnel's skill and knowledge of research aircraft. Structural Fabrication and Repair Branch Crew group photo
Structural Fabrication and Repair Branch Crew
Front row, l – r: Rick Fleming, John Breiding, Andy Blua, Ed Swan, Scott Lee, and Jerry Cousins.
Back row, l – r: David Oates, Dave Dennis, Rob Anderson, Keith Day, Don Whitfield, and Alan Crocker. (NASA photo)

Branch Staff

Technicians have the ability to work as independent craftsmen, project leaders or leaders of a crew of craftsmen. They are responsible for all facets of the project. They work directly with the engineer or customer to discuss the nature of the experiment or program and their requirements. When a project is in the planning or developmental stages, technicians assists research engineers by providing expert information on the following:
  • Machinery and hand forming capabilities
  • Changes in design to facilitate fabrication and assembly
  • Selection of materials and fits
  • Researching special material requirements
  • Technical planning
  • Developing fabrication techniques and specialized fixtures