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Structural Fabrication and Repair Branch - CAD/CAM File Transfer

Design and File Transfer Requirements for Manufacturing

The following is a list of requirements needed for manufacturing:

  • Submitting Manufacturing Requirements

    Procedures for transferring CAD data can be obtained by contacting:

    Keith Day

  • Acceptable File Formats

    • .IGES wire frame
    • .DXF
    • .SRC
    • Pro Engineer files

  • Geometry Requirements

    1. Complete and accurate geometry
      Do not edit a dimension to a number that does not match geometry.
    2. Keep the grouping of geometry to a minimum
      Do not use groups, cells, components, etc. or drop those associations before transfer.
    3. Keep the number of U-V poles to a minimum
    Reducing the number of points or poles will make a less complex spline or surface, which reduces computation time for cutter paths and will run faster on machine tool.

  • IGES Requirements

    Four files for a part need to be received such as:
    1. Wireframe geometry
    2. Surfaces or solids
    3. Drafting dimension text
    4. Listing of levels or layers

  • STEP

    (Requirements have not yet been determined)