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NASA - Life Support News and Features
June 6, 2007
pilot dana purifoy Smart Aircrew Integrated Life Support System: In May 2004, The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft division (NAWCAD) contracted Dryden to test and evaluate a new system called SAILSS (Smart Aircrew Integrated Life Support System). + Read More

prototype helmet Prototype Helmet Tested at Dryden: Research pilots from the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, Calif., tested a prototype two-part helmet. Built by Gentex Corp., Carbondale, Pa., the helmet was evaluated by five NASA pilots. + Read More

life support crew crew members and scaled composite crew Dryden Life Support Assists Proteus Team: Three world altitude records are pending ratification following the Oct. 25 and Oct. 27 flights of Proteus. During these flights, the aircraft reached a peak altitude of 62,786 feet, sustained an altitude of 61,919 feet in horizontal flight and attained a peak altitude of 55,878 feet while carrying a 1,000-kg payload + Read More

apecs system Aircrew Personal Environmental Control System (APECS): The Aircrew Personal Environmental Control System (APECS) is a Liquid Cooling Garment which utilizes a fluid composed of 70% water, 30% Denatured Alcohol and a trace amount of lubricate / corrosion inhibitor for the tubing and the pump. + Read More

Flight test engineer Marta Bohn-Meyer during ground testing of a chags Combined High Altitude and Gravity Systems (CHAGS): Flight test engineer Marta Bohn-Meyer during ground testing of a new configuration of the combined high altitude and gravity system (CHAGS). + Read More

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