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Armstrong Flight Research Center - Human Resources, Management and Development
April 21, 2014


Employment Opportunities: NASA Armstrong Job Announcements, Employment Forms, High School and College Internships, and Other Employment Opportunities.

Equal Opportunity Programs Office: On-site and off-site training opportunities for civil service employees at Armstrong. Opportunities for college courses and professional development are encouraged and available to all NASA employees at Armstrong. Training opportunities, guidance for applying courses, and links to HQ training courses are also available

The Armstrong Equal Opportunity Programs Office (EOPO) is responsible for Affirmative Employment Programs, Diversity Programs and Complaints Processing Programs. The programs work together to ensure that the Center promotes and implements equal employment opportunity activities and initiatives in recruitment, employment, development, advancement of Center employees and prevents and prohibits discrimination in the workplace.

Human Resources: Provides personnel management services to Armstrong's Civil Service work force. If you have specific questions regarding your benefits, please visit your Human Resources Specialist in Building 4800, Room 2407. The HR phone number is 661-276-7000.

Other information on benefits, pay, leave, etc. can be found on the OPM web pages.

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