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NASA - Chief Financial Officer - Duties of the CFO
March 12, 2008


  1. Represents the Center planning and resources position of the Director to elements of AFRC in directing and coordinating the development of integrated Center-wide resources planning and management for balanced and effective utilization of resources. This includes development of guidelines, distribution of resources authority consistent with planning, continuous review and evaluation of performance, and Center overview of commitments against available resources and established schedules.
  2. Serves as the formal Center-level point of commitment with the program control functions at NASA Headquarters Associate Administrator level and the NASA Headquarters Chief Financial Officer for resources planning and implementing actions and decisions.
  3. Continually evaluates Center-wide financial control systems for administrative, program, and operational activities to provide reasonable assurance that obligations and costs are in compliance with applicable law; funds, property, and assets are safeguarded; and revenues and expenditures applicable to Center operations are properly accounted for and recorded.
  4. Directs the development, implementation, and monitoring of the Center-wide financial and management systems.
  5. Provides for the review of Center finance and business related activities as a continuous evaluation of business management practices and compliance with NASA regulations, procedures, and directives.
  6. Receives and distributes resources authorization and funding documents; establishes and maintains resources control records; and reviews and reports on financial program execution for the Center.
  7. Provides centralized accounting services for the Center including control and certification of funds and review and scheduling of disbursements; maintains interface with the Treasury Department on matters pertaining to issuance, receipt, or loss of checks and bonds.


The Center Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is authorized to take such action as necessary to carry out the functions assigned in consonance with applicable laws, regulations, NASA and AFRC policies, and within such limitations as may be specifically established by the Director, DFRC; to establish adequate controls to ensure that DFRC obligations are supported as specified by Section 1505 of 31 U.S.C.; to establish adequate control to ensure that AFRC is not involved in any contract other than obligations for the payment of money in advance of appropriations made for such purpose, as provided by Sections 1341, 1351, and 1501 through 1557, as amended (31 U.S.C.); to provide for compliance with the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA); and is authorized to redelegate functions and authority as necessary and that are not specifically restricted.

Management Relations

  1. The Center CFO is responsible to the Director, DFRC.
  2. Within the areas of responsibility delegated herein, and recognizing the responsibilities of other AFRC organizational elements, the Center CFO:
    1. Participates as a senior member of Center management in the continual development of AFRC policies and review of AFRC programs,
    2. Serves as principal advisor to Center management in matters relating to financial and resources management,
    3. Represents AFRC in designated areas of responsibility with NASA Headquarters, other NASA Centers, other elements of the Government, and contractors.
    4. Serves on AFRC, NASA, other Government, industry, committees, councils, working groups, and ad hoc groups or community boards as required.

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