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Freedom of Information Act - How to Submit a FOIA Request
October 3, 2012

How to submit a FOIA request

Any individual may submit a FOIA request to NASA Dryden by mail, fax, electronic mail at the following address:

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
P.O. Box 273, MS 4839
Edwards, CA 93524
(661)276-3566 Fax

FOIA requests can also be submitted in person at the following address:

Dryden Public Affairs Office (PAO)
4800 Lilly Drive
Bldg. 4839
Edwards, CA

The request must be in writing. No telephone requests will be accepted. If you do not know the exact title of the document you are seeking, you should provide a reasonable description of the documents. The more information that you can provide about the document, such as its author or date, the more expeditiously your request will be processed. Your request will be logged and a tracking number assigned to it. The tracking number assigned is of great importance to you as a requester because, in the event you would like to check the status of your request, the number enables us to locate where in the process your request is.

You should submit your request to the FOIA Office at the NASA Center that authored the documents or the Inspector General's FOIA Office at NASA Headquarters for all Inspector General documents. View the types of information available at each NASA Center.

If you do not know which NASA Center to contact, then you may submit your request to NASA Headquarters. Headquarters will attempt to identify the responsible Center and forward your request.

Please note that a lot of NASA information is available on-line and does not require a FOIA request.

Fees may be associated with new FOIA requests. No fee is charged for downloading a previously released FOIA document. The fee structure is as follows:

Duplication Fees
$.10 / standard page
$.15 / oversize page
actual cost / disks, tapes, photos, etc.

Search/Review Fees
$10 / hour Non-professional
$30 / hour Professional
$45 / hour Attorney

(NOTE: A fee total of less than $15 will not be charged to the requester.)

Fee categories

  1. News media, educational or non-commercial scientific institutions whose purpose is scholarly or scientific research. There is no charge for search and review. Only duplication fees are assessed, and the first 100 pages are provided at no cost.
  2. Commercial use requests generally includes information involving profit-making activities. Commercial use requesters pay for all search, review and duplication fees incurred in processing their requests.
  3. All other requesters includes everyone not covered in the first two groups. These requesters receive two hours of search, all review and the first 100 pages at no cost.
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