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NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
March 16, 2015

Main Contact Information

Post Office Box 273
Edwards, CA 93523-0273
Phone: 661-276-3449
FAX: 661-276-3566
E-mail: ArmstrongPAO@nasa.gov

Office of Strategic Communications / Public Affairs

Name & Title Office Phone Cell Phone Email Address
Kevin Rohrer
Chief, Strategic Communications
661-276-3595 661-305-7696 kevin.j.rohrer@nasa.gov
General Public Affairs e-mail: ArmstrongPAO@nasa.gov

Newsroom / Media Relations

Name & Title Office Phone Cell Phone Email Address
Leslie Williams
News Chief (Acting)
Human Exploration and Operations,
Technology, Education
661-276-3893 661-810-4977 leslie.a.williams@nasa.gov
Peter Merlin, Jacobs Technology
Aeronautics Research
661-276-2679 661-221-3459 peter.w.merlin@nasa.gov
Beth Hagenauer, Jacobs Technology

Kate Squires, Jacobs Technology
Airborne Science, SOFIA Observatory




Social Media

Name & Title Office Phone Cell Phone Email Address
Anna Kelley, Jacobs Technology
Social Media Manager
661-276-2957 anna.i.kelley@nasa.gov

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