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NASA Armstrong Management Biography: Dennis O. Hines
February 28, 2014

Dennis O. HinesDennis O. Hines
Programs and Projects
Dennis O. Hines is Director for Programs at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA, a position that he assumed in June 2008. As such, Hines is responsible for the advocacy, formulation, and implementation of Center flight projects, policy, and business management of the Center's programs.

Hines brings to his role at NASA Armstrong a broad base of program management experience with the Department of Defense's Missile Defense Agency and the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base extending back almost three decades.

During a 5½-year period with the Missile Defense Agency, Hines served as deputy system executive officer for Ballistic Missile Defense, director of Ballistic Missile Defense System Integration and finally as director of Target and Countermeasure Requirements.

In his first assignment with that agency, Hines oversaw programmatic execution of eight major engineering development programs with a combined annual budget of over $7 billion. He established policy, provided acquisition guidance, directed program activities and was an adviser for cost, schedule, and technical performance of Missile Defense Agency programs.

As director of Ballistic Missile Defense System Integration, Hines led a 40-person group responsible for directing the integration of engineering, programmatic, and operational aspects of the Ballistic Missile Defense System. His efforts included the development of the first agency-level Integrated Master Schedule and the formulation and execution of the agency's Program Management Board. In his final role with the agency, Hines was responsible for all systems engineering and technical analysis required to define ballistic missile targets and countermeasures needed for missile defense system flight testing.

Hines served in a variety of leadership positions while employed at the Air Force Flight Test Center over a 22-year period. He first came to the center in 1981, where he was responsible for all stability and control planning and conduct of the joint Air Force-NASA Advanced Fighter Technology Integrated F-16 program. He also flew as a flight test engineer on T-38, F-4, and F-104 aircraft. As a civilian flight test engineer, Hines managed a variety of flight test programs, ranging from the F-16 Block 40 testing to the Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile. He also served in a variety of project management roles, and finally as director of the Project Management Directorate from November 2001 through February 2003.

Hines earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, and holds master's degrees in systems management from the University of Southern California and in mechanical engineering from California State University - Northridge. He is a member of the Society of Flight Test Engineers and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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