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NASA Armstrong and Dryden Past Projects
April 14, 2014
Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology / Fighter Risk Reduction Project
AD-1 Oblique Wing Aircraft
APV-3 Networked UAV Teaming Experiment
Active Aeroelastic Wing (AAW)
Aeronautical Experiments F-104
Aircraft Cabin Turbulence Warning Experiment
Altair - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology Demonstrator
Altus II Remotely Piloted Aircraft
ARCTAS 2008 Atmospheric Research Campaign
Autonomous Formation Flight (AFF)
Beamed Power Research
Centurion Solar-Powered Aircraft
Civil UAV (ESCD)
CV-990 Landing System Research Aircraft (LSRA)
Demonstrator 2 (D-2)
Earth Science Capability Demonstration (ESCD)
Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology - ERAST
Experimental Research Aircraft
Eclipse Project
F-8 Digital Fly-By-Wire
F-15 Advanced Control Technology for Integrated Vehicles (ACTIVE)
F-15 #835 Flight Research Facility
F-16XL Ship #1 - Cranked Arrow Wing Aerodynamic Project (CAWAP)
F-16XL Ship #2 - Supersonic Laminar Flow Control
F-18 High Alpha Research Vehicle (HARV)
F-18 System Research Aircraft (SRA)
Flight Research & Technology Base
Global Observer Joint Capability Technology Demonstration
Global Test Range and Over-the-Horizon Networks
HL-10 Lifting Body
Helios Prototype
Hyper-X Research Vehicle
Integrated Resilient Aircraft Control
Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS)
Launch Abort System Flight Tests
Lifting Bodies
Linear Aerospike SR-71 Experiment (LASRE)
Pathfinder Solar-Powered Aircraft
Pegasus Hypersonic Experiments (PHYSX)
Perseus-A Remotely Piloted Aircraft
Perseus-B Remotely Piloted Aircraft
Phoenix Missile Hypersonic Testbed
Propulsion Controlled Aircraft (PCA)
Revolutionary Concepts in Aeronautics (RevCon)
Space Shuttle Support
SR-71 High Speed Research
TU-144LL High Speed Research
Western States Fire Missions
X-29 Forward Swept Wing Technology Demonstrator
X-31 Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability (EFM)
X-34 Technology Testbed Demonstrator
X-40A Space Maneuvering Vehicle
X-43A Hypersonic Research Vehicle
X-45 Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV)
X-48 Blended Wing Body


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