Armstrong Flight Operations - Code O

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Points of Contact

Jim Smolka
Director for Flight Operations

Eric Becker
Deputy Director for Flight Operations

Mariaelena A. Nichols
Flight Operations Business Analyst

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Flight Operations Mission and Overview

Flight operations teamAFRC's Flight Operations team members and (l to r) an F-18, G-III, and F-15. (NASA Photo).

Mission Statement

The Armstrong Flight Operations Directorate fabricates, maintains, modifies, and instruments aircraft and flight test articles, ensures their airworthiness/flight readiness, and safely flies them in a precise manner to required test points in order to deliver the highest quality flight research, flight test, or science data to the customer in the most efficient manner possible.


The Flight Operations Directorate manages and provides technical direction for all Armstrong flight operations and flight support activities. There are five specialized disciplines that keep Armstrong’s crew and aircraft functioning safely and efficiently. › Read more

Flight Operations Core Components

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Maintenance Division

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