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Armstrong Management System
July 9, 2012

Armstrong Policy Directives

DPD Number Title Code
DPD-1000.1 Armstrong Flight Research Center Strategic Plan X
DPD-1600.1-001 Traffic Management J
DPD-2800.2-001 Managing Information Technology (IT) MI
DPD-2810.1-001 Network Monitoring MI
DPD-3511.1-001 Position Management H
DPD-5101.1-001 Requirements for Legal Review of Acquisition Matters L
DPD-8040.1-001 Configuration Managment X
DPD-8570.1-001 Energy Policy F
DPD-8700.1-001 Organizational & Individual Safety Responsibilities S
DPD-8715.1-001 Range Safety Policy S
DPD-8820.2-001 AFRC Construction Safety F
DPD-9050.6-001 Employee Exchange and Morale Support Activities X

Armstrong Procedural Requirements

DPR Number Title Code
DPR-1420.1-001 Forms Management Program X
DPR-7123.1-001 Systems Engineering Requirements Document R
DPR-7123.2-001 Waivers and Deviations to Technical Requirements and Standards X
DPR-7150.2-001 Dryden Software Engineering Requirements X
DPR-9741.1-001 Requirements for Making Travel Arrangements and for Using Contractor-Issued Travel Charge Card C


Point of Contact
Keith Williams

Assistant Director for Management Systems

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