F-15B #836 Aeronautics Research Testbed

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Jim Smolka
Director for Flight Operations


Eric Becker
Deputy Director


Mariaelena A. Nichols
Flight Operations Business Analyst


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F-15B #836 Aeronautics Research Testbed

F-15 in flight

The F-15B Research Testbed continues to be an innovative and cost-effective tool for flight test of advanced propulsion concepts. Also known as #836, this is a modified twin-engine jet aircraft that provides NASA, industry, and universities with long-term capability for the efficient flight test of aerodynamic, instrumentation, propulsion, and other flight research experiments. This aircraft is a unique airborne resource, and is considered by researchers to be a virtual "flying wind tunnel" and reliable supersonic testbed. In addition to flying research missions, Armstrong's F-15B also is used for crew training, pilot proficiency, and safety chase support for other research aircraft.

The data acquisition system in the aircraft makes the F-15B one of the most versatile testbed aircraft NASA flies. An on-board video system monitored from the rear seat of the cockpit provides a high-speed airborne video and photo capability that can be downlinked to researchers on the ground. The data system includes a research airdata system for the aircraft, as well as a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation package; a radome with a nose boom that contains an airdata probe; a digital data recorder; and telemetry antennas.

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