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Armstrong Flight Research Center - Organizations
April 22, 2014

Offices and Branches

Acquisition Management Office: A comprehensive listing of procurement information and resources used by the Acquisition Management Office.
Chief Counsel: The Office of the Chief Counsel provides the Armstrong community with proactive legal advice and support assuring Center compliance with U. S. laws and regulations.
Chief Financial Officer: The Office of the Chief Financial Officer provides a central overview of Armstrong's formal financial activities.
Chief Information Officer: The Office of the Chief Information Officer proves vision, leadership, and advice in the development of the Center's information resources.
Document Library - Armstrong Management Systems Office: A public listing of Armstrong Flight Research Center's policies and procedures.
Equal Opportunity Programs Office: The Armstrong Equal Opportunity Programs Office (EOPO) is responsible for Affirmative Employment Programs, Diversity Programs and Complaints Processing Programs. The programs work together to ensure that the Center promotes and implements equal employment opportunity activities and initiatives in recruitment, employment, development, advancement of Center employees and prevents and prohibits discrimination in the workplace.
Experimental Fabrication Branch: The Experimental Fabrication Branch provides timely, cost-effective, high-quality, and state-of-the-art research hardware for Armstrong Flight Research Center Atmospheric Flight Operations projects.
Freedom of Information Act: Guide, reading room, organization Charts and contacts.
Human Resources, Management, and Development: The Office of Human Resources, Management, and Development provides personnel management services in planning, developing, and coordinating the Center's personnel programs.
Innovative Partnerships Office (IPO): The NASA ITTP Office retains the critical function of transferring technology from NASA to the Nation, augmented with a complementary requirement to bring exciting, innovative technology developed by others into NASA.
Instrumentation Fabrication Branch: The Instrumentation Fabrication Branch provides Para-Engineering and Technical services encompassing the entire Telemetry field from Fabrication and Calibration to data decommutation and display.
Technical Publications Office: The Office of Technical Publications provides technical advice and assistance to AFRC authors of scientific and research publications.

Programs and Projects

Life Support: The Armstrong Life Support Group develops, tests and maintains the escape and survival equipment used to preserve life in the event of an emergency during a flight test.


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