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Pragati Synergetic Research
July 21, 2011

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Mala Mehrotra



Pragati Synergetic Research develops innovative technologies for analyzing intelligent software systems. Focus areas include:

  • Management of large, multiply-authored knowledge-based systems
  • Management of large ontologies
  • Verification, validation, and testing of knowledge bases
  • Exposing the reusability aspects of the system
  • Supporting development of student-centered educational software

Pragati has worked with NASA and several other federal agencies, often through SBIRs.

Pragati's flagship product is an analysis tool suite called Expozé, which provides the necessary infrastructure for analyzing large semi-structured information systems such as expert systems, knowledge-bases, data-bases, and other semi-structured text.

The company opened an NRP office to expand from its Cupertino base and to interact with other small high tech businesses.

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