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Ecliptic Enterprises Corp.
August 29, 2011

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John Scully


Ecliptic Enterprises, with offices in Pasadena, Calif., creates on-board imaging systems for use with rockets, spacecraft, and other remote platforms. Its current product in this area is called Rocket Cam.

Ecliptic also provides cost-effective space-access solutions for small space payloads. Its chief product in this area is called Rocket Pod.

In a current collaboration with NASA, Ecliptic has an onboard imaging system on the LCROSS mission.

Ecliptic Enterprises has executed a Memorandum of Understanding with NASA. The purpose is to explore the potential for future research efforts, technology applications, and educational/outreach collaborations for space projects. Examples of potential projects include 1) imaging and sensor technology for spacecraft, 2) small secondary, payload technologies, and 3) space transportation technologies.

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