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Wind Tunnel Test Request Form and Test Planning Information
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Wind Tunnel Contacts
Aerial view of wind tunnels at NASA Ames. If you would like to do business with the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel Division at Ames, please visit our contact page.

The Ames Wind Tunnel Operations Division welcomes all inquiries regarding potential tests in our facilities. Initial contact should be made as early as possible so that a place can be assured on the schedule and all long lead items such as hardware design and fabrication can be accomplished. It is best if this initial contact can be made at least seven months before the desired test time.

All that is necessary is to fill out a Test Request Form. After review by the Ames Wind Tunnel staff, a Test Request Meeting may be scheduled for further mutual discussion. Any questions can be directed to Frank Kmak at (650) 604-1463.

Download the Test Request Form. Once a hard copy is completed and ready for submittal, e-mail your Test Request to
Frank Kmak (Frank.J.Kmak@nasa.gov).

Microsoft Word logo  Test Request Form.doc

General Test Planning Information

Adobe pdf logo  Ames WT Customer Resource Guide.pdf

Adobe pdf logo  Test Planning Guide.pdf

Adobe pdf logo  Wind Tunnel Operations Safety Manual.pdf

Adobe pdf logo  Wind Tunnel Model Systems Criteria.pdf
         (Reference Only: Consult with Ames Wind Tunnel Division for application of the Langley design criteria to Ames' models.)

Adobe pdf logo  Calibration of the 11-by 11-foot Transonic Wind Tunnel at the NASA Ames Research Center.pdf

Adobe pdf logo  UPWT Blockage Recommendations.pdf

Adobe pdf logo  Wind Tunnel Wall Interference Corrections Overview.pdf

Adobe pdf logo  Wind Tunnel Wall Interference References.pdf

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