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A letter from the Chief of the NASA Ames Wind Tunnel Division
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Wind Tunnel Contacts
Aerial view of wind tunnels at NASA Ames. If you would like to do business with the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel Division at Ames, please visit our contact page.

Unitary Plan wind tunnel
The Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames. Image credit: NASA

Welcome to the NASA Ames Wind Tunnel site.

NASA Ames Research Center is pleased to offer the services of our premier wind tunnel facilities that have a broad range of proven testing capabilities to customers from industry, DOD, other government agencies, and academia. Recent facility modernization efforts have also resulted in significant improvements to systems directly affecting both data quality and testing productivity.

Facilities and business practices are just part of the equation however; skilled people create the difference that makes our testing services a comprehensive and best- value solution. Our professional facility teams are available to actively participate in test definition, data analysis, and/or flow visualization coordination, implementation, and interpretation.

Customers of Ames wind tunnels also have available a host of NASA's technical and analytical capabilities including: engineering, fabrication, CFD support, and consulting and troubleshooting with aerodynamic and acoustic experts. More information about these services is available upon request.

Our objective is to assure that all customers meet their schedule milestones and leave satisfied with their results and overall testing experience. Our wish
is to welcome them back to Ames Research Center to continue sharing in the excitement and challenge of ground based testing. Please review the information about our services presented at this web site. And don't hesitate
to contact us if you have any comments or questions.


Frank Kmak

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