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Aerial view of wind tunnels at NASA Ames. If you would like to do business with the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel Division at Ames, please visit our contact page.

Other Wind Tunnels at Ames

National Full Scale Aerodynamic Complex: Operated by the U.S. Air Force. The 40-by 80-foot wind tunnel circuit is capable of providing test velocities up to 300 knots. The 80-by 120-foot test section is the world's largest wind tunnel and is capable of velocities up to 100 knots.

7-by 10-foot Wind Tunnel: Closed circuit wind tunnel operated by the U.S. Army. The constant cross-section test section measures 7 feet high by 10 feet wide by 15 feet long. The tunnel has a maximum speed of approximately 355 ft/s.


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NASA Ames Wind Tunnel Division

Model of f-18 in wind tunnel at NASA Ames Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel 11-by 11-foot Transonic Test Section
Closed-return, variable-density tunnel with a fixed-geometry, ventilated test section with a flexible wall nozzle with a Mach range of 0.20 to 1.45.

Model of TBC-1 in 9x7 Wind Tunnel Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel 9-by 7-foot Supersonic Test Section
Closed circuit, single return, variable density, continuous flow wind tunnel with a Mach range of 1.55 to 2.55.

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NASA Ames Research Center is pleased to offer the services of our premier wind tunnel facilities that have a broad range of proven testing capabilities to customers from industry, DOD, other government agencies, and academia.

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Aeronautics Test Program (ATP): Created to set the strategic direction for NASA's versatile and comprehensive portfolio of ground and flight test aeronautics research capabilities.

Ames Balance Calibration Laboratory: Operations at the lab include calibrating balances for the Ames wind tunnels as well as for approved outside projects.


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