Ames Bal Cal Lab Contacts

Closeup view of weight pans of Sandberg Serrell machine in the Ames Balance Calibration Lab

If you would like to do business with the Balance Calibration Laboratory at Ames, please contact us.

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Ames Balance Calibration Laboratory


> Submitting Calibration Request Form
> Sample Loan Letter Download
> Balance Inventory
> Balance Inspection Instructions
> Balance Constant Conversion
> Taper Pins and Installation Tools
> Rcal (Shunt) Resistor Estimates
> Shunt Value Creation
> 1960s Task Corporation Balance
> 1960s Able Corporation Balance
> Balance Pin Hole Location, Standard Format for Task/Able Balances
> Force and Moment Sign Convention
> Typical Wiring Connections of Task/Able Balances
Welcome to the NASA Ames Balance Calibration Laboratory. Operations at the lab include calibrating balances for the Ames Wind Tunnels as well as for approved outside projects. Ames has a large inventory of TASK multi-piece and semi-span balances, which range in size and capacity. Find out more about the Ames Balance Calibration lab by looking through this site. For additional information or requests please contact us.

Ames is always looking to further technologies in wind tunnel force transducer science with the expressed goals of improving accuracy, repeatability and flexibility and reducing cost. We welcome partnering efforts in research, testing and production to meet these goals.

Please contact,

Jon Bader, Wind Tunnel Systems Branch Chief,, 650-604-1401

Chris Chen,, 650-604-2815
Michael Wright,, 650-604-6262