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Technical Notes
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Closeup view of weight pans of Sandberg Serrell machine in the Ames Balance Calibration LabIf you would like to do business with the Balance Calibration Laboratory at Ames, please visit our contact page.

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Technical Notes, Memorandums

Brief of AIAA recommended practice for terminology and calibration methods

Maximum Gage Excitation Voltage Limits for Task Balances,
D. D. McMurchy, 1977

Lubrication of Balance and Sting Components, P.W. Laut, 1976

Wind Tunnel Balance Calibration Correlation, Willard Smith, 1972

Calibration and Storage of Task S/G Balances, Inder Chabra, 1963

Company Literature

1960s Able Corporation Balance Description

1960s Task Corporation Balance Description

Forms and Tools for balances:

Balance Inspection Instructions

Balance Constant Conversion

Taper Pins and Installation Tools

Rcal (shunt) Resistor Estimates

Creating Shunt Calibration Values for Balances

Balance Pin Hole Location, Standard Format for Task/Able Balances

Force and Moment Sign Convention

Typical Wiring Connections of Task/Able Balances to Ames Wind Tunnel Data System


Task/Able balance purchases and repairs by
Aerophysics Research Instruments
1869 Pomona Road, Unit A
Corona, CA 92880
(Aerophysics acquired much of the intellectual property from Task/Able)

Interactive Guide to Strain Gage Technology by MicroMeasurements, Inc.

Triumph Aerospace Force Measurement Systems

AIAA Recommended Practice for Calibration and Use of Internal Strain-Gage Balances with Application to Wind Tunnel Testing (R-091-2003e)

AIAA Ground Testing Technical Committee (GTTC)


Shunt Calibration:
The production of a calibration signal by temporarily connecting a resistor in parallel with resistive components in the arm of a Wheatstone bridge to simulate a specific decrease in resistance of those components.

Shunt Calibration Resistor:
Resistor temporarily installed in parallel with resistive components in a Wheatstone bridge arm to simulate a specific decrease in resistance of those components.

Wind Tunnel Related

Tri Models, Inc.,Wind Tunnel Models and Test Hardware.

NACA Report 1135 on Equations, Tables, and Charts for Compressible Flow

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