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The NASA Exploration Center is the visitor center for NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. It is open to the public and free. Come learn what we’re doing at Ames through exhibits, daily activities and special events. 

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Recent and Upcoming Events at NASA Ames

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Visiting NASA Ames

NASA Exploration Center
Visitors are welcome to view exhibits from NASA Ames Research Center.
Phone: (650) 604-6274
> Exploration Center

Driving Directions to the NASA Exploration Center
> Driving Directions

NASA Ames Exchange
From tickets to food, from nine irons to a comfortable place to stay, the NASA Ames Exchange provides recreational services and information for the benefit of all employees at NASA Ames.
> NASA Ames Exchange

NASA Lodge Exchange
Phone: (650) 603-7100
> The Exchange Lodge

The Golf Club at Moffett Field 
Phone: (650) 603-8026
> The Golf Club at Moffett Field

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