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Ames Engineering Directorate: Engineering Systems Division

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Ames Engineering Directorate: Engineering Systems Division Code RE

The Engineering Systems Division (Code RE) provides multi-disciplined engineering expertise, systems engineering and project management to a variety of Center and Agency projects and programs. We provide capabilities in the areas of:

  • Mechanical Systems & Analysis
  • Electronic Systems, Software & Controls
  • Instrument Technology
  • Systems Engineering

Please take advantage of our capabilities and partner with us in the development and manufacture of your experimental hardware. Together we will push technology to its limits to provide advanced solutions for your challenge.


Mechanical Systems & Analysis (Code REM)

The Engineering Systems Division has expertise in mechanical systems, materials, fracture mechanics and testing. Our capabilities include mechanical design, structural design and analysis, mechanical design, facture mechanics and acoustics.

Applications for this expertise include:

  • Space Flight Hardware
  • Robotics and Mechanisms
  • Instruments
  • High Fidelity Models and Mock-ups
  • Wind Tunnel Fixtures and Hardware
  • Airborne Systems
  • Centrifuges and Testbeds

Our tools include Pro-E, Solidworks, AutoCad, NASTRAN, PATRAN, Mechanica and Cosmos.


Electronic Systems, Software & Controls (Code REE)

The Engineering Systems Division has expertise in electronic systems, electrical systems, software and controls.

Our electronics / avionics and optics capabilities include communications, power design and management, command and data handling, instrumentation, and instrument optical design.

Our software and control systems capabilities include Star/Sun/LASER optical tracking, telescope and instrument controls, servo controls and embedded controls.

Applications for this expertise include:

  • Space Flight Hardware
  • Ground-Based Research Facilities
  • Airborne Instruments

Our tools include Cadence, OrCAD, P-Spice, Opticad, ASAP, MatLab/Simlink and a number of languages for software development and embedded algorithm development.


Systems Engineering (Code RES)

The Engineering Systems Division provides systems engineering and integration support to a variety of programs and projects. Our capabilities include systems engineering, technical authority and project integration.

A sampling of projects we have supported include:

  • Small Satellites (PharmaSat)
  • Constellation Data Systems
  • Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV)
  • KSC Ground Operations
  • Mars Sample Return Box


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