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NASA Ames Speaker's Bureau
December 19, 2012

Speaker's Bureau Astronaut Mike Fincke greets future explorers in the NASA Exploration Center. Image Credit: NASA
The NASA Ames Speakers Bureau offers an invaluable service by providing speakers to the public to present programs and information to the educational community, libraries and museums as well as to professional, technical, civic and social organizations in the Ames service region. The region includes Alaska, Northern California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Speakers also participate in conferences, workshops and lectures, and staff NASA exhibits at local community events.

To request a speaker, please complete the online speaker request form. If you are a NASA employee who has been asked to be a speaker, please have the requesting organization complete the online form.

For more important information about NASA's Speaker's Bureau program, including terms and conditions, regions served by each NASA center, and how to request an astronaut please be sure to visit the NASA Speakers Bureau webpage.

For questions or comments about the program at NASA Ames, contact Sheila Johnson at 650-604-5054 or via e-mail at sheila.a.johnson@nasa.gov.

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