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Center Innovation Fund for FY2015
November 7, 2014

We are very pleased to announce that we have selected 12 proposals to fund using the Center Innovation Fund (CIF). Please join us in congratulating:
Description Contact Description
Microorganisms that Use Carbon Monoxide to Reduce Perchlorate at Low Pressure, High Salinity, and Low Water Activity: Applicability to Bioremediation of a Significant Health Risk for the Exploration of Mars Brad Bebout (Code SSX) Pending
Fluorescent Microbeads for Tuning the Local Light Availability in High Density Algae Photobioreactors Lee Bebout (Code SSX) Pending
Development of the NASA Ames Imaging Module (AIM) Tony Colaprete (Code SST) Pending
Configurable Aperture Space Telescope (CAST) Kim Ennico-Smith (Code SSA) Pending
CubeSat Reliability Experiment - Design and Prototype Chad Frost (Code RD) Pending
Dynamic Control for Directed Evolution: A New Tool for Robust Bioengineering Diana Gentry (Code SGE) Pending
Miniaturized, Low Temperature, Ultrasound Liquid Extraction System for Space Exploration Chris McKay (Code SS) Pending
CubeSat Constellation Design for Air Traffic Monitoring Joseph Rios (Code AFO) Pending
To the Plumes of Enceladus and Elsewhere: Developing Miniature Electrochromatographic Monolithic Columns for the In Situ Analysis of Extraterrestrial Organic Molecules and Biomarkers Lynn Rothschild (Code SGE) Pending
A Transformative Technology for Enabling Space Construction and Fractionation Don Soloway (Code TI) Pending
Perchlorate on Mars: Risk and Resource Jonathan Trent (Code SCB) Pending
Modulating Retro-Reflectors: High-Speed Asymmetric Laser Communications with Low-Fidelity Pointing Requirements (Phase II): Testing and Risk Reduction Jerry Yan (Code TNC) Pending

Past CIF Awards

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