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About Ames Center Chief Technologist Office
October 29, 2012

The Ames Center Chief Technologist (CCT) serves as the principal advisor and advocate on matters concerning Center technology initiatives, and is responsible for coordinating and tracking technology investments across the Center. The CCT Office also serves as the Center's technology point of entry and contact with the Agency's Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT), other NASA Centers, government agencies, academia and the commercial aerospace community. The Office is responsible for developing and executing innovative technology partnerships, technology transfer and commercial activities and the development of technology collaboration models for the Center. Select CCT overviews and presentations are provided below.

The CCT Office provides a technology and innovation focus for Ames through the following goals and responsibilities:


- Serve as principal Center advisor on matters concerning technology and innovation initiatives.

- Serve as principal up-and-out advocate for ARC technology initiatives by communicating and integrating with technology efforts at other NASA Centers, other Agencies, across academia, industry, and other research institutions.

- Manage the solicitation, evaluation, review and award of the Center Innovation Fund (CIF).

- Initiate, coordinate and integrate technology investments across the Center, including mission-focused technology development activities supporting the NASA Mission Directorates, which "pull" technology development based upon established Mission needs, and Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT ) initiatives that perform "push" technology development and demonstration.

- Change culture at the Center towards one of creativity and innovation, particularly in regard to workforce development.

- Document/demonstrate/communicate societal impact of the Center's technology investments, by leading technology transfer and commercialization opportunities for the Center.

- Lead Strategic Technology Studies initiated and/or supported through the Agency's OCT, as needed. Currently, six strategic technology studies and initiatives are managed by the CCT Office, including: Advanced Digital Materials and Manufacturing for Space (ADMMS); Cyber-Physical Systems Modeling and Analysis (CPSMA); Emerging Aeronautics Systems and Technologies (EAST); High Confidence Software and Systems [HCSS]; Science Instruments for Small Missions (SISM); Small Spacecraft Mission Enterprise (SSME) Technologies for Biological Space Exploration (T4BSE);

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