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Guide for NASA Ames Freedom of Information Act Requests
FOIA Public Liaison Officer: Lubna Shirazi

Any individual may submit a FOIA request to NASA by mail, fax, electronic mail or in person, at the following addresses:

NASA Ames Research Center
MS 204-14
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000

Fax: 650.604.0688

Tele: 650.604.1138

The request must be in writing. No telephone requests will be accepted. If you do not know the exact title of the document you are seeking, you should provide a reasonable description of the document. The more information that you can provide about the document, such as its author or date, the more expeditiously your request will be processed. Your request will be logged and a tracking number assigned to it. The tracking number assigned is of great importance to you as a requester because, in the event you would like to check the status of your request, the number enables us to locate where in the process your request is.

You should submit your request to the FOIA Office at the NASA center that authored the documents or the Inspector General's FOIA Office at NASA Headquarters for all Inspector General documents. If you do not know which NASA center to contact, then you may submit it to NASA Headquarters. Headquarters will attempt to identify the responsible center and forward your request.

We have included a link to the NASA FOIA contacts List, along with the contacts' telephone and fax numbers, and the appropriate contract number [numerical prefix for contracts generated by a particular center, i.e. "NAS5" indicates that the contract was generated by GSFC] assigned to that center. Also, a link is included to the NASA FOIA regulations, "Availability of Agency Records to Members of the Public" which will provide you with more detailed information concerning the processing of your FOIA request.

Please send your electronic requests to lubna.m.shirazi@nasa.gov

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Page Last Updated: April 10th, 2014
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