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  • asteroid Ida and its moon Dactyl

    Watching Space Rocks: Live Chat With NASA's Asteroid Trackers

    03.23.09 - A live videocast and chat from JPL offers a unique opportunity for viewers to ask questions of scientists with NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office about how NASA discovers and tracks asteroids.

  • Vernon Morris sits by equipment aboard the ship

    Sea for Himself

    03.17.09 - Former NASA Administrator's Fellow Vernon Morris follows up on earlier studies during his voyage on a research vessel.

  • STS-119 crew formal portrait

    STS-119: The Station Spreads Its Wings

    02.02.09 - Discovery's mission will help prepare the International Space Station for a larger crew.

  • An artist's rendition of Dawn spacecraft flying near Mars

    Dawn Bound for Asteroid Belt With an Assist From Mars

    03.10.09 - The Red Planet gives NASA spacecraft a boost as it heads for two of the largest bodies in the asteroid belt.

  • Paula Tucker-Hogan

    NASA Contest Challenges Pre-Service Teachers

    02.25.09 - Colleges and universities will participate in a contest to help new teachers better integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the classroom.

  • Global temps for 2008

    2008 Was Earth's Coolest Year Since 2000

    02.23.09 - The GISS analysis also showed that 2008 is the ninth warmest year since continuous instrumental records were started in 1880.

  • Lucy McFadden

    A Dream Come True  →

    02.24.09 - Lucy McFadden tells about her Antarctic adventure to find micrometeorites.

  • An artist's drawing of what the Pluto system would look like from the surface of one of its moons

    The Great Planet Debate  →

    02.18.09 - Is Pluto a planet? What defines a planet? Are other planets yet to be discovered? Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Dr. Mark Syke debate these questions during this one-hour webcast.

  • social-networking logos

    Socializing on Mars

    01.15.09 - Mars Exploration Rovers have new life on the likes of "Second Life," "YouTube," "," and "Facebook."

  • A screenshot of the Ocean Motion Web site featuring a sea surface temperature map

    Ocean Motion

    01.21.09 - A Web site provides an in-depth look at ocean surface currents. The site includes classroom lessons and interactive data visualizers.

  • Lawson sits in an aircraft pilot's seat

    The Heat Is On

    01.13.09 - While working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Laura Lawson researched technology that could help electronics survive Venus' hostile environment.

  • 2008 NASA Year in Review

    NASA's 2008 Year in Review

    01.06.09 - View top science, exploration and discovery stories from NASA.

  • Astronaut Don Pettit

    One Cup of Coffee to Go!

    11.24.08 - Using a piece of transparent plastic and some tape, STS-126 Mission Specialist Don Pettit builds a coffee cup that works in a weightless environment.

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  • Hannah Grise barely floats while holding onto a piece of an experiment

    A Breath of Fresh Air

    12.09.08 - Research conducted by students today may help astronauts of the future breathe easier.

  • Dust and glowing gases with a mass of bright stars

    The Humans Behind Hubble

    12.09.08 - Space Science Explorers talks with three people working to prolong the life of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

  • The MISSE experiment with Earth visible in the background

    Exposing Students to Space Research

    12.02.08 - Montana State University students created materials science experiments that were conducted outside the International Space Station.

  • A painting of spacecraft and facilities on the moon

    Life on the Moon

    11.25.08 - Students ponder what life will be like on the moon and create images of futuristic spacecraft, lunar greenhouses and dome-like habitats.

  • People stand in a circle with a rocket in the center

    A Higher Calling

    11.18.08 - Rockets built by a group of American Indian college students have a higher purpose.

  • Astronaut in white spacesuit works outside the space station

    Spacesuits and Spacewalks Web Site

    Explore how spacesuits work and how they have evolved. Learn about the people who design, build and work with them.

  • STS-126 crew

    STS-126: Home Improvement in Space

    11.12.08 - Endeavour's mission will prepare the International Space Station to support a larger crew.