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  • Artist's concept of the big bang

    Space Systems Engineering  →

    07.14.09 - Visit the Space Systems Engineering Web site to find materials designed for the three-credit-hour prerequisite to the senior-level capstone spacecraft/mission design course.

  • Apollo 11 crew photo

    Salute to Apollo 11  →

    07.14.09 - On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people to step foot on the moon. Learn more about their historic mission to the moon.

  • STS-127 crew

    STS-127: Hope Fulfilled

    06.09.09 - Endeavour's crew will deliver the last components of the International Space Station’s Japanese Kibo laboratory module.

  • Image of Joelle next to her quote telling how much she loves JPL because of the variety of activities and the excitement of projects never done before

    Stories From Recent Grads  →

    06.30.09 - Watch these videos to learn more about some of the work recent college graduates are doing at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • Robert Shelton

    Helping the Blind to See Science and Math

    06.16.09 - Nearly blind since age 11, Robert Shelton uses sound to make science and math more accessible to the visually impaired.

  • Winning drawing of a lunar base

    NASA Announces Winners in Lunar Art Contest  →

    06.16.09 - The results of the second annual NASA Lunar Art Contest are out-of-this-world productions from high school and college students from around the globe.

  • Riders on a roller coaster.

    Defying Gravity

    06.03.09 - NASA Glenn engineers teach students the physics of spaceflight at Ohio amusement park.

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  • Alvin Drew and Heather Smith

    Going Weightless

    06.01.09 - Follow NASA Education writer Heather Smith as she blogs about going weightless in a microgravity aircraft.

  • NASA Releases 3-D Views of Space Station and Rover

    05.19.09 - NASA has released an interactive, 3-D photographic collection of the International Space Station and a model of the next Mars rover.

  • The COLBERT treadmill

    COLBERT Ready for Serious Exercise

    05.05.09 - Engineers spent two years designing and building what is suddenly the most famous treadmill in the world - or above it.

  • Gregory Villar

    Student of the Stars

    05.11.09 - A love of astronomy helped one college student set a course for a variety of science internships at JPL.

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  • Aleksandr Aravkin standing beside a robot

    Exploring the Future

    05.12.09 - Students prepare for their careers while working on future missions in NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate.

  • The Hubble Space Telescope floats against the blackness of space

    Servicing Hubble

    04.28.09 - After a "lifetime" of service to science and astronomy, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope needs servicing itself.

  • Grunsfeld, in a white spacesuit, holds a tool

    Visiting an Old Friend

    04.28.09 - On the STS-125 mission, John Grunsfeld will improve the Hubble Space Telescope for a third time.

  • A photo of Ed Prather and a picture of a motocross rider

    Curious Ed Goes From "Gearhead" to Scientist

    04.21.09 - A healthy dose of curiosity leads Ed Prather from cars and motorcycles to physics and teaching.

  • Benson holds a baseball in the air.

    Glenn Engineer Puts a NASA Spin on Baseball

    04.06.09 - Tom Benson teaches students the physics of flight by comparing airplanes and rockets to baseball.

  • A black and white image of a spacesuit lying on a table

    NASA Material

    04.07.09 - NASA intern Vasana Maneeratana applied her education in materials engineering to the James Webb Space Telescope and the future of spacesuits.

  • A moonbuggy rounds a curve on the track

    NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race -- 2009

    Get the latest information on the 2009 Great Moonbuggy Race occurring April 3-4, 2009. Also find feature stories and images from previous years' races.

  • Michael Barnes

    A Step-by-Step Process

    03.24.09 - College freshman Michael Barnes used the Internet to find information about the NASA internship and scholarship that are now shaping his future.

  • A woman using an air pump to launch a 2-liter bottle rocket

    Paying It Forward

    03.24.09 - A group of student teachers is spreading the word about what they learned from NASA.