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  • Ann Bui with co-intern Dan Killam and mentor Bill Patzert

    Going Places: Ann Bui  →

    Five-time Jet Propulsion Laboratory intern Ann Bui has won an environmental fellowship at her college that will combine her rainfall research at JPL with her interest in vulnerable ecosystems.

  • Rozlyn Chambliss

    Relevant Research

    10.12.10 - Through NASA's Graduate Student Researchers Project, doctoral candidate Rozlyn Chambliss experienced firsthand what it's like to do research in a government research laboratory.

  • Cartoon showing Cindi standing on a satellite

    Comic Relief Helps Explain NASA Science

    10.13.10 - Cindi, a spiky-haired android space girl, helps students visualize a NASA mission that produces no pretty pictures.

  • Colin Tilleman with a computer and a monitor showing a space shuttle launch

    Explorer, Primed

    10.05.10 - A NASA senior design project led Colin Tilleman into a career in aerospace.

  • Tanya Petach sits on a raft in a river

    Petach's Passion for the Unknown

    09.21.10 - A Colorado high school student thrives on seeking answers to unanswered questions in Earth and space science.

  • Smith and a co-worker pedal a moonbuggy

    Go Backstage With NASA Education

    09.28.10 - NASA education writer Heather R. Smith takes readers behind the scenes with a new blog.

  • Stock image of lightning

    Students Develop Small Satellite with Big Plans

    09.20.10 - Firefly will focus on the mystery of near Earth gamma ray flashes, a little understood phenomenon linked to lightning, which scientists hope to answer with this pint-sized satellite.

  • Intern Jarred Wilhite participated in the LERCIP program

    Glenn's Student Ambassadors

    Ten students who were nominated by NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland are currently participating in the NASA Student Ambassador Program.

  • NASA logo

    NASA Challenges

    NASA's pioneering use of prize competitions and innovation challenges is a dramatic departure from government's traditional "business as usual."

  • A group of students look up toward the sky

    University Experimenters Sought for Suborbital Rocket Programs

    09.10.10 - NASA is seeking university instructors and students to participate in three programs for the novice to the more experienced space researcher.

  • Screenshot of the NASA HD App for iPad

    New NASA High-Definition App for iPad

    09.08.10 - Get the new NASA HD app with expanded content. The application is available free of charge.

  • Marie Kingbird-Lowry standing in a laboratory

    The Power of NASA

    08.31.10 - Marie Kingbird-Lowry's research experience with NASA supported a new high-voltage power line and sparked a desire to help her Native American community get involved with NASA projects.

  • Ping-pong ball and paddle

    Ping Pong Balls to Float Crew Capsule Simulator

    08.17.10 - When students proposed using ping-pong balls to keep an Orion mockup afloat, NASA engineer David Covington laughed and thought, 'That's the most awesome thing I've heard in a long time!'

  • Summer interns at NASA Ames

    NASA Bids Fond Farewell to Summer's Students

    08.24.10 - NASA's Ames Research Center in California acknowledged hundreds of summer interns and their mentors at a farewell commencement.

  • Diana Santiago in a laboratory

    LERCIP Participants Share Their Stories

    08.17.10 - Learn how these Lewis' Educational & Research Collaborative Internship Project participants got involved and what advice they have for students interested in working for NASA.

  • The rocks on Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, Calif., move across the flat, dry bed of this ancient lake

    The Mysterious Roving Rocks of Racetrack Playa

    08.11.10 - Summer interns from Goddard's Lunar and Planetary Science Academy investigate the persistent question of how these rocks big and small move across two flats in Death Valley.

  • Sherrisse Bryant in JPL's Microdevices Lab

    A Passion for Scientific Research

    08.11.10 - After her freshman year in college, Sherrisse Bryant began doing laboratory research during the summer. After that experience, she didn't want to stop!

  • A rocky object in space with the words Asteroid Watch

    Asteroid Watch  →

    08.04.10 - Get the latest news about asteroids and other near-Earth objects.

  • NEO Workshop illustration

    Exploration of Near Earth Objects Objectives Workshop

    Download presentation videos and watch a live webcast of the workshop taking place in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 10-11, 2010.

  • A sounding rocket launches

    Student Scientists Rock On!

    07.27.10 - NASA's RockOn workshop lets students fly their experiments on a sounding rocket.