NASA Student Ambassadors

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NASA has inducted more than 80 high-performing interns into a new virtual community.

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NASA eClips™

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View videos highlighting current research and innovations.

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NASA Podcasts

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Check out the many different podcasts available from NASA.

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    Use this page as a starting point to learn about jobs at NASA. Meet scientists, technical experts, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, accountants, attorneys, astronauts, educators, pilots, astronomers and experts in many other fields.

    Career information on this page includes the following:
    • Opportunities for students to intern at NASA
    • Programs for visiting faculty
    • Profiles of NASA employees
    • Descriptions of jobs at NASA
    • Posters and resources with career information
    • Descriptions of NASA education programs
    • Career pages with content sorted by grade levels.

Interview With Leland Melvin

    Middle school student Molly Moore interviews NASA's Associate Administrator for Education, Leland Melvin. She asks about his career as an engineer and astronaut and what it was like to live and work onboard the International Space Station.


Careers -- Women at NASA

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    Women@NASA Website
    Visit this site to find content developed to encourage more young women to pursue careers in mathematics, science and technology.
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    Aspire to Inspire Website
    Visit this site to find career-based content aimed at helping middle school girls explore education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.
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Career-Related Products

NASA: Your Future and Ours Poster

Front of the poster NASA: Your Future and Ours

Several members of NASA's family have shared their stories on this poster.

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Aeronautics Research Poster

Front of the Aerospace Research poster

Advanced aircraft concepts such as the "blended wing body" test vehicle present potential solutions to increasing the capacity of our airspace without negatively impacting the environment.

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Aerospace Design Poster

Front of the Aerospace Design poster

More than 50 photographs of brightly colored aeronautics artifacts are featured on this poster.

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Earth and Space Science Explorers Poster

The front of the Earth and Space Science Explorers poster

This poster highlights NASA Earth Explorers and NASA Space Science Explorers. They all use NASA science and technology to study our home planet or the universe.

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No Boundaries

The planet Mars above the words No Boundaries

Students explore careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) while learning about NASA.

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Future Flight Design

Drawing of two kids standing by a Future Flight Design sign and an airplane

Become a NASA researcher and design the air transportation system of the future!

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NASA's Digital Learning Network: Careers

The letters DLN overlay images of an astronaut and an EVA suit

What if you could talk to a person who actually works at NASA?

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Cartoon host named Astro Ferret standing below the word Astro-Venture

Students in grades 5-8 role-play NASA occupations as they search for and build a planet for human habitation.

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Career Resources by Grades

  • Cartoon showing spaceship and small astronaut on the surface of the moon with Earth in the distance

    Grades 5-8

    Do you want to work at NASA? Find career information, and learn more about what people do at NASA.

  • Co-op student standing in front of a space shuttle

    Grades 9-12

    So you want to work for NASA? This resource page provides information about some of the careers NASA has to offer and the opportunities available for students.

  • A female LARSS intern in a flight suit stands in front of an aircraft

    Higher Education

    Do you want to be an intern with NASA? This resource page provides links to information about the many opportunities available to students, along with information about a variety of NASA careers.


Jobs @ NASA

NASA Students on Facebook

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    NASA has a Facebook page specifically for high school and college students. Updates are posted daily featuring competitions, internships and more.


Education Programs

    NASA offers many education programs for students throughout the year. See what is available now.

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