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You already know that you want to work for NASA. But what exactly do you want to do? What types of jobs are available within the U.S. space agency? NASA employs people from all walks of life. Not only are there engineers, mathematicians, scientists and technicians, but NASA also has accountants, historians, writers, computer support people, project managers, artists, educators, human resources personnel, public relations managers, physicians, lawyers -- and more. The most important thing for preparing to find a job at NASA is that you study what you like and work hard to achieve your goals. This resource page provides information about some of the careers NASA has to offer and the many opportunities available for students. Read the information and listen to the podcasts to discover the opportunities and what other students have experienced as interns or as workers for NASA. Read over profiles to learn what people do for NASA, and what they studied to get there.

Career Information From NASA

  • A female LARSS intern works with electronic equipment NASA 9-12 Education Programs

    Explore and experience unique space and aeronautics content through NASA's education opportunities for high school students. Learn about opportunities to interact with NASA engineers and scientists.

  • Co-op student standing in front of a space shuttle Student Employment at NASA  →

    Check out the student services section for information about NASA's recruitment schedule, helpful interview techniques, information on completing a resume and much more.

  • Astronaut Joe Acaba NASA Jobs  →

    Search this site for information about the variety of NASA's career opportunities and the many ways that you can participate in the nation's space program.

  • Pictures of three people set over images of planets What Are Scientists and Engineers Like?  →

    People who grow up to be scientists and engineers usually are curious about how things work, whether mechanical objects or processes they see in nature.

  • Students in red shirts looking down at a model on a table What Courses or Clubs Should I Enroll In?  →

    Middle school and high school students can start preparing now if they are interested in science and engineering degrees.

  • A person wearing a white protective suit stands next to equipment in a lab What Kinds of Jobs Do People Have at JPL?  →

    A wide range of skills, knowledge and experience are required to explore planets, study galaxies and monitor Earth from space.

  • SDO Engineers work in a Goddard clean room SDO Engineers Create What Never Was

    Mission engineers working on the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite discuss what it’s like to build a satellite from scratch.

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  • Engineer Your Life logo with the words Dream Big. Love What You Do. Engineer Your Life  →

    What's your idea of a dream job? Check out this site to learn about the many cool jobs in engineering, the inspiring experiences of women engineers, what it's like to be a student in an engineering program, and how you can get started on this exciting career path.

  • The Dawn spacecraft Dawn Project: Careers  →

    A lot of people have worked on the Dawn project. The spacecraft is headed toward the asteroid belt. This site explains many types of careers that support the work of any NASA mission.

  • Portraits of women engineers Engineer Girl!  →

    Learn more about women in the engineering field and how engineers make a difference in society and everyday life. The site also has college-prep suggestions and homework tips to help students choose coursework that will prepare them for an engineering education.

  • Scientist in protective suit handling material with a portion of the periodic chart in the background Careers in Genesis  →

    A number of people work on the Genesis project. This site provides information about the people supporting the Genesis mission.

  • Future Flight Design billboard with NASA logo on top, planted in a green field Future Flight Design: Career Resources  →

    Biographies and trading cards in the More Resources section highlight careers in aeronautics and aerospace engineering.

  • A female student with headphones on NASA Student Opportunities Podcasts

    Listen to these archived podcasts that feature students discussing their experiences with NASA. The podcast also discusses NASA internships, fellowships, contests and other student opportunities.

  • Different examples of wavelengths as seen from space Astronomy as a Profession  →

    Review the library of questions and answers to learn more about being an astrophysicist, an astronomer, a physicist and more.

  • Map showing snow and ice amounts on Earth Careers in Earth Science  →

    Learn about Earth science professions to see how they relate to your skills, abilities and interests.

  • NASA Quest logo Careers in Aeronautics  →

    This site provides information about some of the fascinating jobs available in the aerospace industry.

  • Female astronaut looking out the window of the space station at Earth NASA Careers From NASA Glenn  →

    NASA's Glenn Research Center has information available on many careers and how to prepare for them. While geared towards Girl Scouts, the information is good for every student interested in working at NASA.

  • Experimental airplane NASA Aerospace Careers  →

    NASA Aerospace Careers Information Summaries from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center describe many jobs, from research pilots to machine shop technicians.

  • Cartoon host named Astro Ferret standing behind the word Astro-Venture Career Fact Sheets and Trading Cards  →

    Check out Astro-Venture's resources on careers that include job titles and descriptions, areas of expertise, interests and abilities, suggested school subjects and courses, education needed, and more.

Career Profiles

Molly Moore interviews Leland MelvinInterview With Leland Melvin
Middle school student Molly Moore interviews NASA's Associate Administrator for Education, Leland Melvin.

Lori GarverWomen @ NASA
The Women @ NASA website was developed to encourage more young women to pursue careers in mathematics, science and technology.
› Women@NASA Website  →
› A Tribute to Women at NASA
› Aspire 2 Inspire Website  →

Women of SDO series logoWomen of SDO
Launched on Feb. 11, 2010, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is making history. Meet some of women of SDO as they share their journeys to becoming scientists, engineers or other professionals.

Vincent Llamas USRP Profiles →
Read about the internships and experiences students take part in as part of the Undergraduate Student Research Project.

Dr. Jacob Bleacher Desert Rats 2010 Mission Support Team
Meet the engineers and scientists on the team that spent time in the Arizona desert testing equipment and technology that could one day be used on other planets.

Huu Phuoc TrinhRocketry: Career Corner
Scientists and engineers talk about their career paths in the field of rocketry and their work at NASA.

Medical illustrator Medical Illustration: Where Art Meets Science
A medical illustrator pushed the boundaries of his field with an internship at NASA Glenn's Acoustical Testing Laboratory.

Dynae Fullwood Langley Researcher News -- People: Snapshots
Students always ask NASA employees and contractors how they got to NASA. Students can read over these snapshots detailing what people studied in college and the career paths that led them to NASA.

Michael BloemPeople at Ames
Students can read over these various biographies to find out what people studied in college and the career paths that led them to NASA.

A screenshot showing many faces Solar System Exploration: People →
It takes hundreds of people -- machinists, engineers, scientists and many others -- to get a spacecraft from the planning stages to its destination in outer space. The people in this gallery represent just a few of the folks who make ideas about space exploration a reality.

Arin Morfopoulos and two robots Robotics: Career Corner
What's the best way to become a robotics expert? Scientists and engineers at NASA reveal how their career paths led to the world of robotics.

 Front of NASA: Your Future and Ours poster NASA: Your Future and Ours Poster
Several members of NASA's family have shared their stories on this poster.
› English Version
› Spanish Version

A young lady standing next to a graphic of Earth with lines crossing it NASA People
Read feature articles about the people who work for NASA, and learn about the contributions they are making. You may also access links to videos, interactive features and more.

Planet hunter Sara Seager stands in front of a chalkboard The Planet Hunters →
Read interviews of the people working behind the scenes in NASA's quest for new worlds.

Lucy Abramyan Rover Undergrad
Internships at JPL helped one woman build her career as a software engineer working on robotics.
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Duane Chin Stars of Constellation
Discover the faces behind the hardware that will send humans to the moon and beyond.

Carek standing next to a spacesuit under a tent in the desert Spacesuits and Spacewalks: Career Corner
Read about the people who teach astronauts how to wear and work in spacesuits; meet suit designers, technicians and engineers, and more.

A patch showing a pair of wings with the words Career Astronauts underneath Astronaut Biographies  →
Explore the interests and educational backgrounds of current and former astronauts.

Hubble Stars poster Hubble Stars
An interactive poster and mini interviews feature the broad diversity and talents of individuals who help design, build, operate, maintain or tell the story of Hubble.

Matt Abbott sits at his console in Mission Control STS-118 Career Profiles
Learn about the people who make shuttle missions happen.

Jennifer Heldmann, Ph.D., in a white protective suit and helmet Biographies of the LCROSS Mission Team →
View biographies of the scientists and engineers who are part of the LCROSS mission.

The words NASA Profiles set on a starry space background Careers in Spaceflight  →
Read profiles of people who work for NASA in the fields of science, math, computers and engineering.

Angela Beaman NASA Engineering Design Challenge: Career Corner
Read about what it's like to do plant research at NASA.

Picture of a hand pouring water from a glass container into a tray of plants Meet an Earth Explorer
Read about NASA's Earth Explorers and learn more about what they do.

Astronauts in training with words Behind the Scenes above their heads Behind the Scenes: Meet the People  →
Thousands of people make up the U.S. space program. They come from different backgrounds and had different dreams. At this site, meet some of the best and brightest people helping NASA achieve its goals.

A picture of Albert Einstein is shown in front of a cosmic background Meet a Space Science Explorer
Read about NASA's Space Science Explorers and learn about what they do.

Imagine the Universe logo Imagine the Universe: Scientist Profiles →
Have you ever wondered how scientists work to understand the skies around us? Or wondered what rocket scientists do at NASA? Learn more at this site.

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